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1. Testimonial received from Elaine Poh

很快我还会再光顾你的 ^^

English Translation:

I received the parcel today!
Really fast delivery! 
I'm very satisfied about the clothes I purchased~ Thanks~
Initially I felt worried about my order due to your shop was just opened and I was the first very first buyer! However, the result prove that my fear was unnecessary indeed~
I will purchase from you again real soon ^^

Items purchased by Elaine : -

2)  Testimonial received from Michelle/Xiu Yun

" Hiyee~~I received my 1st parcel d..thanks and i love them so much. Cant wait to received the second batch parcel. Btw I would like to make another order. I'd attached the list in the mail. Tq. "

Michelle had purchased items from Cherrykoko, Naingirl, Occie, Vividress, Mas and Styleonme. :)

3) Testimonial from Melissa Tan

"Haha, yes girl! I have received the items...thank you so much!! I love them, they're so so so cute :) Nice dealing with you, thanks alot!"

Melissa had purchased items from Cherrykoko and Vividress :)

4) Testimonial from Wan Sing

"Hi dear,

i just received your parcel from korea yesterday , I love the items so much..quality is good and nice design, i will continue to browse your website and buy from u again. thanks :)"

Wan Sing had purchased items from Cherrykoko. :)

5) Testimonial from Sarah Azmi

"Hey there! I already received the items and I love it so much! Will be dealing with you again soon! :D Thanks a lot! <3 "

Sarah had purchased items from QnGirls.  :)

6) Testimonial from Jacynda Cheong

"Hi KFS :)

I finally got my parcel today! They are all very gorgeous :) Qualities are undeniably good compared to those items I previously brought from some local blogspots website.

I will definitely be your loyal customer always, keep it up!!"

Jacynda had purchased items from Flora, Ippiya (bag) and Cherrykoko :)

7) Testimonial from Wi Lynn (Singapore)

"I've received the items that I've ordered previously and I must say, the quality is good. I'll spread the words to my friends and colleagues. ;) "

Wi Lynn had purchased items from Flora.

8) Testimonial from Fifi Ainal 

" Hey babe, i got my stuff today! ;) Its my second purchase and i love it how everything always went so smooth. I'm a big Korean fan and i would like to thank you for making an online shop like this cos i've always wanted to buy stuff from Korea <3 The items are gorgeous and i'd love to deal with you next time! :D Your service is great, keep it up! Here i attached the pictures of the items i received.Thank you once again! :D "

Fifi had purchased items from Flora (first order), Redopin & Naning (2nd Order).

Note: Pictures sent by Fifi was updated in Real Item Pictures Galore

9) Testimonial from Karen Goh

" I got the Dodostyle blouse d. it's nice. and come with nice packaging. Thank you! "

Karen had purchased items from Dodostyle.

10) Testimonial from Eugene Low

Got the parcel!! Extremely fast delivery..Love my shoes to the max...Authenticity code can be track as well..exactly same as the picture,comfy to wear and light weight too..=D
I send you two pictures ya.
Thank you so much.

Eugene had purchased a pair of shoe from Naning9.

 Note: Pictures sent by Eugene was updated in Real Item Pictures Galore

11) Testimonial from Caryn

Hi Dear.

I've received my clothes! :D They are all in perfect condition. And most importantly, they look exactly like in photos. I'm soooo happy that I found your site. Although price is a lil more expensive, but what I wanna say is, THEY WORTH EVERY PENNY. Seriously. Material is good and comfortable too. And right now, I'm about to send you my second order :)

Thank you so so so much! 

Caryn had purchased items from Cherrykoko and Honeyiqi.

12) 2nd Testimonial from Caryn 

"Hi dear,

I've received my parcel. Super fast delivery! Thanks alot =) And as usual, great items. No difference from photos. I've attached the Redopin's shorts' photo below :D

Will send in orders to you again soon.
And will definitely recommend to my friends.

Thanks KFS! :) "

Caryn had purchased items from Redopin, Naning and Honeyiqi.

 Note: Pictures sent by Caryn was updated in Real Item Pictures Galore

13) 2nd Testimonial from Amanda Low (Singapore)

"Hihi, i have received my lovely items... thank u so much~!will order again soon~!"

* Amanda has already purchased from us twice.

Amanda had purchased items from Cherrykoko, Flora and QnGirls

14) Testimonial from Geraldine
"I've just collect my MUTNAM bag at post office i'm so happy with the bag
I love it so much.. I'm going to start using it now...thanks.."

Geraldine had purchased a bag from Mutnam.

15) Testimonial from Zuhailah


I have received my parcel yesterday and thanx for asking me 'bout the parcel.I'm really happy with the quality of the tee and it's really fast eh   "

Zuhailah had purchased item from Ippiya.

16) Testimonial from Lilian

dear korean fashion,

" Hi korean fasion, I have received the clothes. they are very beautiful and in good qualioty. I lovee them very much. Only one of the dress abit loose on me but i still love it. hahahaha

I will place place my 2nd order very soon within this week. "

Lilian had purchased items from Pinknbabi and Styleonme.

17) Testimonial from Ana
"i received all the stuff already and really2 satisfied with the quality.. thanx alot dear."

Ana had purchased items from Occie, DodoStyle and Naining9

18) Testimonial from Melody Goh
"Just to let you know that I've received my dress today. Thanks so much for the fast and efficient service! I really appreciate it! Would definitely be buying from you again in the future :) Oh, do let me know also when you're bringing in your ex-stocks ya. Thanks!"

Melody had purchased items from Flora.

19) Testimonial from Jacynda (A very nice customers who had placed 4 orders to KFS)

i got my parcel! As always very happy and satisfied! I have recommended some friends about ur website, hopefully they will purchase from u soon <3

Wait for my next order bah, they will be more as my I plan to buy presents for my friend's birthday  :) i got many friend's birthday falls between sept to Nov. (^0^) "

Jacynda  had purchased items from Flora and Cherrykoko.

20) Testimonial from Joanna Tan
Hi there,

The items arrived today in perfect condition. It's obvious that the quality is excellent and the items looks just like it does in the photos! I am very pleased with the items and your stellar customer service. :) You were friendly, patient and helpful throughout the whole transaction. Thank you so much! I would love to do business with you again in the near future.

Joanna had purchased items from Bagazimuri, Dodostyle, Jade and Iamyuri.

21) 3rd Testimonial from Caryn 

Hi dear,

I've received my parcel this morning.
Thanks for making me a satisfied buyer once again :D
Will continue support your service, that for sure =)


Caryn had purchased item from Aura-J (Web store not listed in our website)

22) Testimonial from Lilian
dear korean fashion,

i have received the clothes. they are very beautiful and in good quality. I love them very much. Only one of the dress a bit loose on me but i still love it. hahahaha

I will place place my 2nd order very soon within this week.
thank you very much.

Lilian had purchased items from PinknBabi.

23) Testimonial from Jacynda (Repeat Customer)

Hi, I went to collect my parcel this morning. Just to say thanks again! M satisfied with everything :)

Jacynda had purchased items from Stylebystory, Styleonme, Redopin, MissCandy, Redopin and NiponJuya.

24) Testimonial from Fara
hye;) already got the shoe..very nice shoes!thanks

Fara had purchased the shoe model 868 from our shoe spree site

25) Testimonial from Anna


So sorry bout the late reply, been busy and all ):

The bag is beautiful, compliments everywhere i go but i have some problem with the zips, it doesn't run smoothly but i dont mind that much :)

Am definitely gonna buy something from you guys in the future!

Anna had purchased item from ItsBag

26) Testimonial from Berry Blue
Hi there,

Just to inform you I've received the items under order code Q0148R1 in perfect condition.

Thanks so much, pleasure doing business with you =)
Take care!

Berry Blue had purchased item from Dodostyle, Redopin and Mas.

27) Testimonial from Emma (Australia)
Thanks so much. Just got my shoes in the post...LOVE them...very happy!!
Emma Had purchased shoe (Model 999) from our Shoe spree site.

28) Testimonial from Ainna
Hiya....I received the parcel today.Im so happy.Its really nice.I really love them.The quality and the design are so good.The most important is they look exactly like in the photos.Thank you so much.

Ainna had purchased items from Flora, Stylenanda, Qngrils and Naning9

29) Testimonial from Natsumi (repeat customer)

I received my items!
Very surprise at the leging's quality!
Can't wait for my other items (:

Natsumi had purchased items from Qngirls, Cherrykoko, Modne, Pinkage and Occie.
30) Testimonial from Teeana Willliams (Canada)


I received the product today. I am very pleased with the service and plan to use again soon.


Teeana had purchased an item from Gvg.

31) Testimonial from Kin

received the parcel today.tq so much...love the watch.

Nora had purchased a watch from Nowhere

32) Testimonial from Alice Yong

I've just received both the long sleeve turtle neck and the navy blue gold buttons dress just an hour ago. Both items are so lovely and pretty! Quality is definitely there for the slightly higher price paid! I'm officially a korean fashion convert! Looking forward to hear more from you! Thanks again for your instant response and also the speedy delivery arrangement! *hugs*

Alice had purchased items from Cherrykoko

33) Testimonial from Zuhailah


FYI, I've received my parcel 2 days ago...I'm so happy when receiving them..and of coz my sister too ^^

Zuhailah had purchased items from Qngirls, Honeyiqi and Niponjjuya.

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